Marley and Me

Thought I’d blog my day (today) Marley and Me style. Here goes.

6:30, woke up to disgruntled baby who didn’t actually want to be up but wouldn’t go back to sleep — know what I mean?

7:00, got up, got dressed, brushed teeth, packed C’s bag for school and lunch, dragged a disgruntled C out of bed (he can’t sleep in on OTHER days?), got C dressed and fed, woke up A who did, in fact, go back to sleep, got him dressed and gave him his medicine, ran a brush thru my hair, threw the bags in the car, put C in the car (whining about who knows what), put A in the car (who went back to sleep…..again……jerk), and hit the road at 7:40. #WellOiledMachine

8:08, got to C’s “school” and assumed the position in the drop-off line, realized I forgot C’s juice (sigh*), threw on my make-up (foot on the break), said “bye, bye” to C as a teacher’s aid got him out of the car and took him in (I never pull away until he’s in the door), and headed off (8:22).

8:30, grabbed a chicken-n-waffle from CFA while A fussed in the car. Ugh. I don’t have a bottle with me.

8:50, ran in Walfart with A to grab the last of the things for C’s birthday party (or so I thought).

9:20, ran in Walgreens to pick up A’s prescription and my new prescription from the cardiologist, and get a flu shot (ouch. My arm has felt like it weighs a ton for the rest of the very long day). A fell asleep……again.

9:50, got home, finished Sunday’s bulletin, touched base with my music leader, tried to track down the neighboring pastor who’s preaching the community Thanksgiving service, printed my sermon, fought with the new copier, touched base with the high school principal (we talked all day) to see if they needed me to come counsel at the school, came home.

11:00, finished wrapping Cooper’s birthday presents, worked on a centerpiece for the party, finished the gift boxes, dug out cooking supplies, began to throw things in bags to pack in the car for the party tomorrow, gave A a bottle and put him down for an official nap (not that he should’ve been sleepy since he slept all morning long), put clothes in the dryer.

12:00, ate lunch, got super-frustrated because I couldn’t find one of my cupcake tins (that turned up later…….after I was finished with the cupcakes).

1:00, passed A off to Craig to watch so I could bake.

1:30, baked 3 dozen cupcakes, 2 dozen chocolate-chip cookies, and one batch of something called “crack crackers,” practiced decorating the cupcakes, packed the cupcakes, crack, and cookies, cleaned the kitchen, and ran the dishwasher. (1:30-4:00).

4:00, found the missing cupcake tin, said a bad word.

4:45, A and I went to Joann’s because I had a late idea to make a yarn-wreath for the door for C’s birthday that looks like Mickey Mouse, ran to Walgreens again to pick up a photo of C I had printed for a table decoration for tomorrow’s party, ran to Kroger to grab THE last of the things needed for the party (Tahini….I needed Tahini), grabbed a bite and headed home.

6:25 loaded Coopers presents and all the serve-ware in the car, as well as a dozen other things.

6:45 gave A a bath (he liked it).

7:00 started the yarn wreath and juggled A, made some door signs that match the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme (“Come inside…..It’s Fun Inside”).

7:50 put A to bed a little early.

8:00 grabbed a shower (exhaustion kicking in).

9:00 finished wreath while watching Grimm, framed photo, packed diaper bag, printed recipes, packed un-refridgerated ingredients, balloons, Coopers clothes (birthday “suit”), and locked up.

10:30 laid my clothes out, painted my nails, prepped A’s middle-of-the-night bottle, and wrote this blog.

11:00 decided that I’m too tired to even proof this before I post it. Oooo look! Jay Leno on Fallon.



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